Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


usually away, and we take logs and boards from their yard to build our house. We’re building a house in the forest, not far from the lake. Then Mirsky leaves, and Diana also, and we climb up onto the pile of logs. It’s difficult to keep your balance on top of a pile of logs. Without Galileo, none of this is interesting. And without Mirsky, also. I won’t even say anything about Diana, who can do it blindfolded and on one leg. Very soon, Malcolm, Luca, and I return to the porch. Luca’s younger brother, Zane, has already finished eating, so we can now go for a walk. In Zane’s hands is a sealed package with a new kite, which he wants to fly right there in the yard. That’s dumb, because there are trees around the house, and it’s obvious to any of us what will happen to the kite, that it will fly directly into the tree and get stuck there. “Wait,” Luca tells his brother, “let’s go somewhere else!” “Where?” Zane asks, combing with his fingers the kite’s fringe, so that you can tell how impatient he is to let it fly. “Let’s go up on the hill!” Zane, you have to give him his due, gets it, that Luca is right. Even though he’s younger than us, he’s got an unusually high IQ, almost as high as Galileo’s younger brother, whom we all know. Walking to the park, I’m thinking about these two younger brothers, and I start


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