Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Katia Kapovich

to pity Galileo’s brother for having such a difficult life. A while longer, and I too will start crying, like Diana. But I mustn’t. I’m against it, our emotions showing on the surface. And besides, life has taught me that, when you pity someone, you only make life worse for him; people can even get sick from your pity. For this reason, I begin to think again, and think so madly that my head begins to sweat. And suddenly, it strikes me. “Hold on! Zane is in the same class as Galileo’s brother!” I tell Luca. He looks at me, and the light bulbs go on in his eyes. I don’t know how he does it. He’s very interesting, our Luca is. “Hey, Zane,” he says. «What?” the brother asks, but without turning around. “Wait a second! Do you know where Rafa’s father lives?” Continuing to walk in front of us, Zane says he does. “Hey, Zane, do you want to meet up with Rafa, so you can fly the kite together?” You have to give Luca his due for thinking this up. That’s how it is with Luca and me; together, we always find a solution to any problem. “Sure,” Zane says, and he finally comes to a stop.

“Then tell me his address.” “I don’t know it,” says Zane.


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