Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


“Darn it! But you said you did?” says Luca, looking over at us. “I just know what it looks like,” says Zane. We come right up to him and, all three of us at once, begin trying to persuade him to tell us how to get there. And he tells us that he only knows the way by car. “By car!” by now we’re all screaming. “What does a car have to do with it?” At this very moment, to tell you the truth, we’re all ready to kill him. “Alright, OK. So, how do we get there by car?” Luca asks him, winking at us. “You have to get on the highway,” Zane says, swinging the kite like a sword,”drive till you reach the fork to the pharmacy, then make a right, then you’ll see a bridge, after that there is a Dunkin Donuts, and then again a right.” He continues on and on, until we’re completely lost. He’s got a uniquely powerful memory, this seven-year- old does. “You think he’ll be at home?” Luca stops him, and Zane shrugs his shoulders. “They could’ve gone somewhere,” Malcolm says, giving up. “It’s better if we wait until tomorrow,” I agree.


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