Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

bitter in the mouth – even port wine tastes better. So why then, I ask you, do people love it? “I will explain,” said uncle Marik. “Beer should not taste good. The best thing about beer is the burping afterward. Once you’ve drunk it, you wait around for the onset of the burp.” Sometimes they talked about women. In the uncle’s opinion, they are angelic beings. But dangerous. “And why dangerous?” “I will explain,” said uncle Marik. “Among women, feelings take precedence over thoughts. But they distinguish these feelings very poorly. For example, you have spent your entire life satisfying her every whim. Yes? And she suddenly boom and loses all interest!” And then an earthshaking mystery of the universe was revealed to him. It turns out that women sometimes experience a female madness. Sort of a sexual f it. And then, it ’s al l over, lock, stock, and barrel . The husband and the wi fe are glued together at the hip ti l l death do they part. Only a surgeon can separate them. Can you imagine the indignity; dragging yoursel f to the hospital in such an attached state! “What ’s there to do?” – the l istener would by now be in a state of despair. But the uncle knew a way out. A man of experience always carries on


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