Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Two Stories

his person a needle. I f you suddenly prick them, the spasm wi l l pass al l by itsel f, without assistance from a surgeon. And what i f you’re swimming in the ocean or a river, then what? And suddenly you get a leg cramp! Once again, a needle would save you. After such practical , useful conversation, one could social ize with women, or swim in the ocean, with much greater conf idence. In the same beer hall that time, some drunken soldier would not leave the uncle alone, and kept pestering him with the nationalities question. He called uncle Marik a kike to his face, and then shouted in an idiotic voice, like some sort of people’s deputy on television: “What have you Jews done to our Russia?” The boy was sure the uncle would now answer: “I will explain,” well and so on and so forth. But he kept his mouth shut. He even kept silent after the soldier dumped his glass of beer on his pants. When they were going home, the boy kept trying to find out why uncle Marik didn’t smash that idiot on his noggin. Why? Was he scared? “Of course I was scared,” the uncle said. “I was afraid I would kill him, and be locked up for fifteen years. Then what will become of Aunt Ada?” That is when it became patently clear that when little bald uncle Marik is angered he becomes a terror, like the Terminator.


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