Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

One time, he was meeting Aunt Ada by the clinic where she worked as a lady doctor, and some guy, either a maniac or a robber wouldn’t leave her alone – he caught up with and grabbed him by the collar of his coat…. In the aftermath, one could even feel sorry for the maniac. Because uncle Marik held this maniac by the hair of his head and banged this head right against the wall of the clinic, until he knocked off a serious piece of plaster from it. While the boy was growing up, he couldn’t keep up with all the changes that were taking place in people close to him, he was too busy with his own maturing. In the meantime, it became abundantly clear with time that a man with canine eyes and a woman with ones that are simultaneously submissive and angry – are not a particularly fortunate match. A certain depressing inequality had become established: a homeless dog has found for itself a beloved master, but the slave girl never did find herself an owner. For this reason, she would at times fling herself into catching one – at some or other random event, at birthday parties for strangers, and omnivorous soirees, where they would endeavor to get her drunk and then cart her off in a foreign car stinking of sweat to yet another party. After midnight, the uncle would call the boy’s mother, who would tell him: “That Adka’s a slut! everybody’s getting some” and uncle Marik would go out of his mind scouring the cold nighttime city.


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