Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

then, this confession is not your typical, reflexive, intellectual whining. Something must be done about it. And so it was decided to “enter” Gena into the university. Lina’s work was mysterious and done from home. For this reason, she was able to, in the kitchen late at night, help Schneiderman bone up on the facts about the humanities, which would undoubtedly come in handy on the entrance examination. She would remember this scene: Schneiderman sitting on the floor in a compact pose (he preferred to sit this way) by the heating radiator, cradling in his huge upper extremities his humongous lower ones, listening with his mouth hanging half-agape to the history of his fatherland, interspersed with English helping verbs and analyses of the masterpieces of national patriotic literature. From time to time, he bends down and stretches out his endless arm into the other end of the kitchen so as to pet the knee of the beloved pedagogue, Evilina Alexandrovna. Towards morning, they would lay upon the pedagogical bed, and a short time later, Gena would crawl out onto the floor, and bed down on the conspiratorial bachelor ’s bedroll. What had actually found sufficient time to become embedded in Schneiderman’s head is a dark mystery of nature. Early on an August morning, departing to compose his entrance essay, with a boot in hand, Gena


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