Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Two Stories

screamed from the hallway in distress: “Linochka! Remind me, please! What was the deal with Anna Karenina? Oh, yeah! The train.” When it became clear that Gena isn’t after all flunking his exams but passing everything with solid Cs, the high command was assembled once again, and the best minds, inspired by cognac and Lina’s subtle pressure, affirmed their previous marching orders – to make out of Schneiderman an honest student in possession of a residence permit. All the ministerial level contacts were sniffed out. Communications with the authorities established. Due to the lengthy vacation season, the long-range air force resources had to be put on alert. Before the infliction of strategic visits, Lina wrapped herself in strings of family pearls and clad herself in her very best lingerie. Finally, by means of all the available truths and the half-truths, like the last billiard ball left on the table to be stroked into an impossible pocket, Schneiderman was corralled into the student stable, and thus his studies began. The unprovoked heartfelt sympathy which Gena Schneiderman unintentionally inspired in the members of the faculty enabled him to hang on at the university for three years. He was issued the grade of “satisfactory” for doing practically nothing – through unknown means, he was able to “satisfy” and even marvel all who got to know him, whether it


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