Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

be the dean of faculty, a bum at the streetcar stop, or a member of the staff of the drunk tank. In his senior year, Gena suddenly dropped out of the university, as was scribbled on his exit statement, “for personal reasons”. Of this personal reason, named Katya, I was informed in retrospect by my and Lina’s mutual acquaintance, a person of refined worldliness and fear-inspiring love of mankind. “Gennady is of course an interesting man. But he’s just a mutt. Though, let ’s be honest, with sex appeal aplenty. Bonifiably a-dorable! There, I said it. But a certifiable asshole. Like all men, by the way. Because our Linochka is simply pure gold, gold I tell you! Despite the fact that she’s an all-out idiot. No one leaves such an exquisite woman for, pardon my French, a den of harlots! And that means he’s found out his own kind. And this Katya, if I may speak frankly, is an agricultural seed spreader, lying around in a drunken stupor at these orgies – for all to see! – with you wouldn’t believe the size of holes in her pantyhose! Of course, I beg your pardon.” Out of further explanations, it emerged that Katya, who had scraped the bottom rung of depravity, accidentally cast her eye upon Schneiderman and saw in him a genuine chance to cleanse herself in the ablution of lawful matrimony, to become through his intercession a respectable woman. It sounded as


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