Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

Landscape with Jellyfish

A jellyfish is 90% water, its throat is silent. Beneficial mushroom kombucha grows on water. They didn’t prepare me to be stepping over this arid throat with its red rings where I encounter friendly bacteria, and, I tell you, trees in an avenue before nightfall are truly high, and, I tell you, a long and uncertain waiting will pass, whisked from the hand like silk. The moment the guy suddenly finds himself naked before my hands, headlights pointing straight at us, and us being silent like jellyfish. Dirty water is being crushed in the juicer, so much linen has been washed, yet the throat remains red. Rings in the throat are now dying to know if all this is about kissing. Altering the landscape is a major work,

still everyone should hear the story about trees and the landscape with a jellyfish in the throat.


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