Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

‘It’s really too bad.’

‘You’ve been ill,’ is Ragna’s immediate reply. ‘You ought to be glad you’ve recovered as well has you have!’

‘Yes, all right. But now I’m much better. And I need something to read.’

‘Books! Books! I’ve spent every single moment of my free time on you. And all you can do is complain that I don’t fetch books for you?’

Ragna bangs a glass down hard on the table. I hear her get up and rattle the cups around in the sink.

‘All you think about is Johan and yourself.’

‘Don’t you bring Johan into this. He’s got more than enough to lug around on his trips to the village. It’s not exactly nothing, all you put away. And on top of that you want him to carry books for you!’

‘Don’t be stupid, Ragna. You know what I mean.’

‘What you mean is just rubbish. And let me tell you one thing.’ Ragna bangs her hand down on the draining board by the sink: the cups clatter, there’s rattling in the


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