Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

stay in bed, even though my sister has been attentive in caring for me.

Ragna gawps at me, absent-mindedly puts down a jar of preserves.

‘Are you crazy?’

‘No, I’m much better, and I want to be up for a bit!’

‘Dear sister, you’re still not well. Go back to your room and at least let me help you change into some better clothes!’ ‘There’s no need. I’ll just sit here for a bit – it’s so long since I’ve been in the kitchen.’ I push Ragna aside as she rushes towards me and totter slowly, moaning, over to her empty chair, right opposite Johan. The chair receives me with a loud grating noise; the chair legs scrap across the floor. It really does hurt to sit on a chair, my hips don’t like the unaccustomed position. But I am convinced that this is what is necessary, in addition to the various things that have to be collected in order for me to carry out my assignment. I can’t help laughing to myself. Both of them are clearly confused. Ragna places a cup of tea in front of me. I spend a long time putting in the sugar, stirring, and letting my hand shake affectedly.


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