Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude


I am the centre of attention, but I pretend not to notice, drink the tea slowly, study my nails at length, give a long yawn with my mouth wide open; a belch even emerges from the depths of my throat. Ragna has started to clear up in the larder again, Johan is laying out cards on the table. Then suddenly he stands up and walks into the corridor, starts to rummage around with his outdoor clothes.

‘Ragna! Shall we go for a ride?’

She turns and looks at me uncertainly. I stir my tea absent- mindedly, take a sip from the cup, stare out into space.

She is silent for a short while. Then she says loudly and abruptly, ‘Coming right away, Johan!’

Good. Couldn’t be better. The couple have once more been reminded of my existence. For the time being, their married life will continue in the presence of my unmistakable physical existence.


Collecting all the things I need proves easier than I had anticipated. As soon as they are out of the door, I check the kitchen table on Johan’s side, my former place, and, yes,


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