Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

soothing effect on my sudden need for companionship – I do not feel the urge to share a table with the married couple more than absolutely necessary.


As soon as I get a chance, I lie happily fantasizing about what will soon happen. What will happen to Johan is also not insignificant. The various phases of the transformation can take place gradually or quite swiftly, but that doesn’t mean all that much – it’s the result that counts. I have no doubt that some of my wishes might be a bit excessive for a single carcass, that it is not possible for all of them to be fulfilled, but on the other hand I enjoy thinking about them, so much so that I lie under the duvet shaking with held-in laughter at the images they conjure up. In one of the fantasies I see the pair of them in Ragna’s bedroom, where Johan is lying pale and half-dead in the bed.

‘I can’t understand it,’ he’ll say. ‘What’s happening, Ragna? Look at this!’

And he’ll loosen his belt and pull down his trousers, quickly, so as not to lose her interest.


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