Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

‘Just look,’ he’ll say again, and jiggle his hand inside his pants.

He’ll stare wide-eyed at her, with a glazed look, trying as best he can to ensure her sympathy before he shows her his wretched state.

‘Well?’ Ragna will ask, with a touch of impatience in her voice. ‘Let’s see, then.’

Johan will slowly pull his pants down over the back of his hand, slowly reveal what he is holding between thumb and index finger. Ragna will raise an eyebrow.

‘Yes,’ he’ll interrupt, his voice in falsetto, before she has time to say anything. ‘It’s unbelievable.’

Ragna will lean forward, wide-eyed and shocked.

‘Can’t you see it?’ he’ll ask nervously.

‘Yes, of course I can,’ Ragna will reply, full of astonishment.

‘Doesn’t it look like your sister? Can you see it? It’s bloody well got her face!’



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