Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

let out a cautious I exist!, try again, louder: I exist ! The room shakes with my power, with my presence, and I confirm that I own myself right from the tip of my tongue down to my withered toes.


I’m woken by Ragna and Johan standing staring at me. They’ve still got their outdoor clothes on, the return trip must have been cold – her nose is dripping. Their looks: I don’t like their looks. Something must have happened to me while I was asleep. Have I have come out in a rash, a tumour, something frightening? I quickly sit up, check the skin on my arm, touch my face, but all seems normal.

‘What is it?’ I say with a sudden dryness in my mouth.

‘What is it? You dare ask?’

Johan and Ragna glance briefly at each other. Johan is biting his lower lip and Ragna is breathing out quickly through her nose.

‘Yes?’ I attempt.

Johan stretches out an arm. Before I have time to see what he is holding, Ragna grabs it from him, brings it right in front of my eyes with a quivering hand. She doesn’t need to


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