Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

Johan has caught sight of the glass behind the lamp. He wrinkles up his nose, examines the contents with obvious confusion.

‘What the hell is all this muck, Ragna?’

Ragna turns round quickly, stares angrily at the glass Johan is holding.

‘It looks like some coal-black filth,’ she states.

He raises the glass up to the light in the ceiling, turns it round and round; the light can’t filter through the thick black ooze, but some flakes of ash sticking up betray its contents.

‘What’s the old cow been burning? And what did she put it out with?’

Johan sticks his nose into the glass. He grimaces and pulls away quickly again.

‘What have you been burning?’ Ragna asks.

‘I don’t know,’ I say, swallowing.

‘There are the remains of some writing here!’


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