Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

swallowed in the belly of the word, speaking simultaneously. Inside and outside intertwine, are an intersection beyond the imaginable. Where does the mutilation of thought come from, so that I believe a word literally but miss a simple description of someone who, mouth closed, says Noah, you are a fish. I’m a fish? They all fulfill their assignments, only I apologize. Some opportunity is thus closed, some other horizon emerges, and with it, other seas. I sit stiffly, almost paralyzed, and listen to the presentations. I close my eyes and see the shadow of the woman in the night window again. She is illuminated only by a candle, which will burn out at any moment. The window opens and before me is a wave, which rises from the depths of the earth and overcomes me, returning what was made from sand back to sand.


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