Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

I cannot find it in Slovenian lexicons between (h)endecasyllable and endorphins. Perhaps all biology is local. In such moments, the word minority in every language is written in Slovenian. Although it’s a common everyday occurrence in my culture: endocannibalism . The embodiment of the soul of the dead in the bodies of their living descendants. The separation of the soul from the body of the dead. I dream of how fog withdraws from the forest at daybreak. It moves like a razor between the treetops, and only later, when it dawns, do I see the fire devouring the forest. A firing squad marches up the hill in tight rows. The clarity of scorched earth lingers. My parents’ house is at the top of the hill. A little while longer and it is swallowed by flame and day.



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