Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

‘That’s okay, you can give us bills.’

‘I only have euros.’

‘Not a problem.’

Defeated, I pulled a two-euro coin from my wallet and put it in the hand of the Maki lookalike. But my battle was far from over, as the other four scrambled for their share.

‘Come on, off you go, don’t make me... ’

An elderly waiter, in a uniform left over from socialist days, stood before the entrance to the restaurant. When two of the little Gypsy children heard his stern voice, they instantly stepped back, while the furious waiter managed to grab the youngest by his frayed collar and literally flung him toward the parking lot.

‘Go fuck yourself, you little thief!’

‘Fuck you!’

‘Watch it, kid, don’t make me come over there!’ ‘Suck my dick, you idiot!’


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