Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

But at least he qualified as human. These lot are not like our Brčko people. You understand, Vladan, don’t you?’ I didn’t, but I finally remembered that my father’s name in this town was Tomislav, and that Mediha might well be convinced that I was as disapproving of Serbs as she was. ‘These people are different. What can you do? Misfortune dragged them here from somewhere else, I know that, but... sometimes their manner makes a person wonder. God forgive me, but no one would have chased them away from wherever they had been, if they had been a little more considerate. Of everyone.’ ‘I know, believe me, I know. My Raiko and I were on the run a lot in life. Sometimes because of me, sometimes because of him, and sometimes because of, well, whoever you like. We never fitted in, the way we were, never anywhere or with anyone. And so we ended up here. We thought to ourselves that, since I was from here, and he was a Serb so maybe we could just... somehow. But you know, Vladan, you know what they say. Once you move away from your place, it’s never your place anymore.’ ‘It’s hard, living a fugitive life. People don’t handle it well.’

‘That’s right. I know.’

‘In the end, people always ask themselves whether it might have been better if they went somewhere where


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