Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

nobody knew them, just like you did. Who the hell knows? Would it have been any easier for the two of us, if we’d gone to Denmark, to join Fahira and Zlatan? It’s cold there. Not to be endured.’

‘It’s hard everywhere.’

‘Yeah. You know better than I do. You can’t be a smart- ass when it comes to these things. That’s it... I asked your father a million times which devil had possessed him that he, Tomislav, should end up here, of all the towns of the world.’

‘What did he say?’

‘What could that poor soul say? He says, Mediha, my dear, you know how I suffer, so you tell me if I’d be any better off elsewhere in this world. Yeah, sure, I said. Wherever you go, your misery shadows you, and this is as good a place to be miserable as any other. But... off he goes. He didn’t even say goodbye.’

‘Any idea where he went?’

‘I have no idea, my dear Vlado. I would tell you in an instant if I knew. He did say that he’d like to go and find you in Slovenia, but that he didn’t have the right documents, that he was waiting for them to be sent from Sarajevo. Who


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