Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

or later. So I had to target my inquiries, and sought out fashionable young people who did not look as though they’d just stepped out of a black-and-white film. Initially, those I asked just shrugged their shoulders, but some stopped and thought and pointed in a variety of mutually exclusive directions. Someone even asked me ‘How did you manage to choose Brčko as a place to surf the ‘net?’ In the end, a cute redhead remembered that someone she knew had recently opened a place like that. She referred me to a glum guy, and I found myself in a place that proudly called itself ‘the first cybercafé in Brčko.’

‘What do you need Internet for?’

I didn’t understand the question but, luckily, the guy realized that we were dealing with a foreigner.

‘This computer here has a camera, but its keyboard is a little fucked up. L, M and K are a real mess. If you’re gonna write emails, the computer over there is better.’

‘I just need to look up something online.’

‘Go for it then. Sit wherever you want. Mice are as good as new.’


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