Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

a pile of past traces entering the present

first i reach the glass with my eyes only then with my left hand. it’s morning again and it’s happy in a slightly melancholic way. black leaves of a red flower

on a barred window grow to mid-thigh. little blue symbols are scattered completely randomly and very closely on soft white fabric. like watching a blossoming meadow from a distance. there are marches and horsemen with covered faces, then a stony dock and a door, leading to nothing. a large body from cool jade. a herd of violet light is grazing on it. sometimes a word too many, sometimes too few, sometimes redundant and even so bothersome that there’s no need for it. need is an incredibly greedy and wild animal which attacks from different levels with outstanding determination. sometimes it’s made up and drawn out like some boring novel


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