Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

Editor's welcome

Welcome to Trafika Europe 5 – Slovenian Interlude , celebrating the start of our second year. This issue’s Slovenian focus opens with an excerpt from Angel of Oblivion , about the Slovenian minority trapped in Austria in WWII. This cathartic work in German language has become a bestseller in Austria, serving as a healing bridge between cultures, and boldly solidifies author Maja Haderlap’s reputation as “the lyric voice of Slovenian Austrians”. Tess Lewis’s translation is up to the challenge – she’s won the Austrian Cultural Forum’s Translator’s Prize for 2015 for this work, which enjoys its English-language debut in our pages. You’ll also find new poetry from Maja Haderlap here. Following this is poetry from Aleš Steger, the most translated contemporary poet of Slovenia, as well as from the ever-exciting Tone Škrjanec. If you’re around New York City on November 8 th , 2015, please be our guest and enjoy the above writers, at Trafika Europe ’s Evening of Slovenian Literature , at Bowery Poetry Club – following this year’s New Literature from Europe festival. Just click here for all the details. Yugoslavia, My Fatherland, by controversial writer Goran Vojnović may be the most anticipated new Slovenian novel in English this year. It’s just coming out by Istros

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