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The technology behind

THE RESULT OF YEARS OF RESEARCH € 27 million invested and 8 years of R&D, resulted in a unique and holistic solution that disrupts how valuable data is stored today, and guarantees access in the future. Together with a range of research institutes, technology partners, film producers and suppliers, Piql has deployed the technology in the market and is providing services to clients globally.


• PiqlFilm is a 35mm, ultra-high resolution nano-film optimized and designed for preservation of digital data. • Norner Research AS and the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology, US, have performed tests on the piqlFilm to verify its longevity and the read-back of data. • The piqlFilm is manufactured by Kodak (US), Harman (UK) and Filmotec (Germany).


We have used the latest nano technologies to convert photo- sensitive film into a digital preservation medium for the future. The result is an ultra-high resolution film where the data is writ- ten as very high-density QR-codes. Digital frames can be combined with visual previews for an ad- ditional security level. Human readable instructions on how to recover the data with the technology available in the future, are written at the beginning and end of every reel of piqlFilm. This is made possible by our turnkey technology solution, the Piql System, together with our specially developed piqlFilm and piqlBox.


• The film is protected in the unique piqlBox which enables safe storage of the data. • The piqlBox has undergone a wide range of tests by Norner Research AS to ensure its longevity and compatibility with the piqlFilm. • Plasto (Norway) is the manufacturer of the piqlBox.


piqlWriter writes data onto the storage medium; the piqlFilm

piqlVault is a robotic vault for safe, space efficient and automated storage of piqlBoxes

piqlReader reads back data from the piqlFilm

piqlProcessor develops the piqlFilm and makes the data readable and permanent

piqlReader for verifying the data written on the piqlFilm

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