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perma- nent Chief of the Coral Gables Police De- partment on Sep- tember 11, 2015. Chief

who was shot and killed in the line of duty on September 17, 2001. The Beyond the Badge run serves as a fundraiser for college scholarships. KANSAS/WESTERN MISSOURI n Our annual FBINAA Fall Retrainer was held at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO Sept 8-11, 2015. This is a combined conference held with the Eastern Missouri Chapter and it was well attended by members from both states. In addition, we invite Chapter members from surrounding states to attend as well! We enjoyed excellent training ses- sions, shooting, golf outings, and amenities at The Lodge of the Four Seasons resort!

Edward Hudak

Hudak is a graduate of Session 242 and is an area rep of the FL chapter. ILLINOIS n Don Norton , 106th Session, as of 16 May 2015 commenced his 56th year in the law enforce- ment profession. Don retired from the Illinois State Police with the rank of Captain, then accepted a position as a federal investigator with the United States Attorney’s Office, North- ern District of Illinois in Chicago, Il. After his career there, he re- tired and accepted a position as an Inspector with the Broadview (IL) Police Department. Interest- ingly, Don is now working at the BPD for Chief Luis Tigera of the 182nd Session. Chief Tigera, formerly worked for Captain Norton, District Commander, District 3, Illinois State Police, Chicago as Trooper Tigera. Chief Tigera rose through the ranks of the ISP to the rank of First Deputy Director, retired in 2013 and joined the BPD. Don retired from the USAO and joined his former employee, now his em- ployer in 2014. Don has no plans relative to retirement. INDIANA n On Sunday, September 20, 2015, four Indiana Chapter graduates participated in the 14th Annual Beyond the Badge 5K run . Mitch Thompson , 202nd Session, Scott Jordan , 217th Session, Ed Gebhart , 251st Session, and Brad Arnold , 224th Session, finished 6th place in the Law Enforcement Division. This annual event is dedicated to the memory of Jason Baker , Marion County Sheriff’s Department,

(L-R) Steven Bodway, Joe Mitzel, Adam Argenbright, Mark Logsdon, and Chapter Secretary Dan Galbraith.

Maryland/Delaware Annual Crab Feast John Campanella, Paul Campanella, Rob Hallman, and Dan Meadows.

(L-R) Dave Williams, Kevin Wingerson.

n Major Jerry Stanley , 252nd Session, retired June 19, 2015 from the Topeka, KS Police De- partment after serving 29 years in law enforcement! Major Stan- ley served with the Shawnee

Sheriff’s Department and has been with the Topeka PD since 1989! He contin- ues to serve the Topeka

n Chapter President DaveWil- liams hosted the Lake Retrainer and in attendance was Section II Representative KevinWinger- son (TX).

commu- nity as a civilian as- signed as a Supervi- sor with Topeka

Jerry Stanley

PD. We are proud of Jerry and wish him well in his ‘retirement’ and new position!! MARYLAND/DELAWARE n Wilmington, DE - The National Academy Associates Maryland-Delaware Chapter held its Annual Golf Tourna- ment Event on Monday, August

The 14th Annual Beyond the Badge 5K run, (L-R) Mitch Thompson, 202nd Session, Scott Jordan, 217th Session, Ed Gebhart, 251st Session, and Brad Arnold, 224th Session.

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