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Bishop , Danbury Police Depart- ment; Lt. Roberto Rosado , Wil- limantic Police Department. n Eastern Region Representa- tive Michael Darcy Session , 234th Session, hosted the an- nual Eastern Region Luncheon at the Coast Guard Academy. This year the keynote speaker was NYPD Chief of Department James P. O’Neill . FLORIDA n On August 27, 2015, Ciro M. Dominguez , 218th Session was promoted to Major with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. n After 30 years of service to the Melbourne Police Depart- ment, Renee’ Purden , 238th Session, retired as Deputy Chief. And after a 4 month break she accepted a position as Deputy Director / Deputy Chief of Police at the Melbourne International Airport. n Chief Albert “Butch” Arenal retired from the Punta Goarda Police Dept. on Sept. 11, 2015, and on Oct. 1 he

n Chief Joe Brugman , 224th Session, recently took over as the Police Chief for the City of Safford. Chief Brugman is hap- py to return home to the city where he was raised. Prior to his new role in Safford, Chief Brug- man retired after 25 years with the Chandler Police Department and 4 years as the Police Chief in Coolidge, Arizona. CALIFORNIA n The California Chapter recog- nizes and congratulates Chief Brian P. Johnson , 218th Session, who was recently sworn in as

ARIZONA n If you missed St. Louis County Police Chief Belmar’s “Lessons Learned” presentation regard- ing the issues law enforcement faced in Ferguson, Missouri, you missed an excellent seminar. Hopefully no Arizona agency has to experience something like that firsthand, but learning from those that have is extreme- ly beneficial.

Connie Dial

Dial had a 27-year career in the LAPD and was one of the first five women in 1973 to work as a patrol officer for that depart- ment. She worked for three years as a deep cover intelli- gence officer and spent several years as a narcotic detective in street enforcement. A few of her other assignments included squad leader for an Internal Affairs Division surveillance unit; uniformed watch commander during the Rodney King riots; patrol captain in West LA dur- ing the OJ Simpson incident, and she retired as the area commanding officer for the Hol- lywood division. CONNECTICUT n Robert Crosby , 217th Ses- sion was promoted to Chief Wilton Police Department Timothy Edwards, 235th Session was promoted to Chief South Windsor Police Department William Covel, 241st Session, was promoted to Deputy Chief Waterbury Police Department Frank Koshes 224th Session, was promoted to Assistant Chief Waterbury Police Department. n 261st Session Graduates Session: Lt. TimMadden , Con- necticut State Police; Lt. Bryan

the Chief of Police for the Upland, California Police Depart- ment after serving for

n Congratulations to the most recent graduates from the Arizona Chapter: Chief Belmar (L) with FBINA Arizona Chapter President, Chief Ron Wheeler (R).

26 years as a Cap- tain in the Los Angeles Police Department. He was a second generation member of the LAPD and a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute andWest Point Leadership Program. n Retired Los Angeles Police Department Captain Connie Dial , 170th Session, published her fifth mystery novel, Unnatu- ral Murder , with The Permanent Press last year and her next book, Set the Night on Fire , will be available on March 31, 2016. Her picture on the inside flap of the book’s cover portrays one of her prized hard-earned posses- sions – the FBINA yellow brick. Brian P. Johnson

Session 260: Commander Ron Bayne –

Scottsdale Police Department, Commander Richard Bradshaw – Glendale Police Department, Lt. Bryan Cox – Chandler Police Department, Deputy Chief Reuben Nunez – Marana Police Department. Session 261: Asst. Chief Dave Harvey – Phoe- nix Police Department, Lt. Kara Riley – Oro Valley Police Depart- ment, Lt. Matthew Thomas – Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Daniel Wilkey – Yuma Police Department, Lt. Col. Douglas Whitehead – USAF

became the new Chief of Coconut Creek PD.

Butch is a FL

Chapter member and a graduate of the 193rd Session. n The FL Chapter is pleased to announce that Edward Hudak was officially named the sole, Albert “Butch” Arenal

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