• I’m proud to be an American; however, we are overfed and undertrained! I will stop my rant. Let’s get to the literature and application. DR. ANDREW FRY – University of Kansas • Transfer Index – If the stuff in the weight room does not transfer to the field of play, we are all wasting our time chasing numbers - My number one goal for every athlete is to increase one’s body weight to strength ratio. The strong will always be tougher to kill! • Video Analysis is mandatory – I use my Dartfish App on my I Phone on a weekly basis to provide fantastic slow motion biomechanics. It is a steal for $6.99. DR. ROB JONES –Chiropractor • Stop doing Burpees! This statement was shocking to me because we do these on a weekly basis with everybody. I use the termi- nology of Up Downs instead of Burpees. His point was that there is tremendous lumbar spine flexion in the transition phase from the floor to the jump. This made perfect sense to me. The only argument I have is that I need my athletes to sprawl and jump. In the future, I will separate the drills to protect the spine. • Stop doing Russian Twists! A traditional favorite for an abdomi- nal blast. I retired this drill a long time ago and Dr. Jones rein- forced my decision. He mentioned that this drill is the fasted way to herniated disks. A deadly combination of flexion and rotation of the lumbar spine in a seated position. The majority of our training must be standing in a combat stance, period! • Trunk Integrity – Prep it, brace it, & stack it – it will give you all the power you need - A powerful message to warm-up better (prep), stabilize (brace), and progress to loading (stack) to get better - We must remember that the lower back is a stability joint, not a mobility one • Those who have more range of motion in their back have a greater risk of future problems. The key is to focus on stability of the entire kinetic chain. • If someone does not know what to do with a barbell, don’t grab one. Repetitions over 5 in a fatigued state demonstrate spine buckling and a loss of scapular protection. JORG CARVAJAL – Performance Enhancement Specialist with NFL, MLB & Olympic Athletes • Our job is to absorb, accept, and redirect force - A homerun statement when discussing sports and defensive tactics • The land is more important than the takeoff in the jump - Triple flexion in the ankle, knee, and hip when we land is critical to reduce ACL injuries • Getting stronger is the best corrective exercise to reduce injuries • Eccentric strength i.e. the lowering phase held to 2-5 seconds will elicit tremendous strength gains - Prepare for some soreness with this protocol initially but huge carryover • Deceleration must be drilled in speed/agility development - Building or rebuilding the high performance engine without the brakes equals a car crash – Work those front and side planks!

The Highlight Reel - PART 2 B efore I dive into the Part 2 content from the 2015 Midwest Sports Performance Conference on May 8th and 9th at the Uni- versity of Kansas, here are some of my airport observations from a fit- ness addict: • I saw more Mothers than Fathers holding their children and pushing the stroller at the same time – Shame on those de- conditioned Fathers! • Do all luggages have wheels these days? Carrying stuff is one of the best exercises in the world for every grown man and woman. We do farmer carries with every tactical athlete at Quantico to protect lower backs and enhance grip strength. • I was refreshed to see people reading books and newspapers instead of staring at their box i.e. cell phone. I am a traditionalist, my youngest son and I get the newspaper every morning at home. • Why do we eat and talk? Please enjoy the refueling process. Trust me; I might enjoy breaking someone’s ribs someday with my advanced Heimlich maneuver skill set. • I witnessed a multi-tasked female athlete. She was charging her phone and practicing yoga. What a great opportunity to stay connected with technology and creating homeostasis. • My consistent morning coffee habit started in 2003 with the Dunkin Donuts brand. I needed much higher octane when my kids arrived. I joined the Starbucks cult in 2010 and I’m loyal. I went back to my roots and ordered DD and forgot to mention “just black”. Lots of cream and sugar accompanied my java which turned into a hot liquid dessert. E.J. O’Malley

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