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The members of Session 238, further displayed the true meaning of being part of the FBINAA family. Once Chad’s session mates heard their brother had been Lost in the “Line of Duty,” they were determined to honor his legacy and sacrifice. After many thoughts, the 238th Session decided to honor Chad, with a bronze memorial plaque. The plaque was created and now re- spectfully displayed in the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office, in honor of the ultimate sacrifice made by Captain Chad Allen Reed, Sr. In the past as the FBINAA President, I had the opportuni- ties to speak to FBINAA classes at the FBI Academy. I would always use the Chad Reed story to illustrate the strength and connections you make attending the FBI National Academy. The network is unlike any other. It is important to stay connected and continue to build that network. Holly continues to stay connected to the COPS annual programs. She now is a Trustee for the states of Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Her sons have made many friends through the FBINAA and COPS. "C.O.P.S. has helped my family learn how to live again, es- tablish a new normal and move forward in life while remember- ing and honoring our fallen. As a national board member, I now use my grief journey to bless others." Holly Reed. A special Thanks to Lt. Mike Ryan (Retired NYPD) for coordi- nating Chad Reed’s memorial bronze plaque, and providing the attached photo of the plaque that Session 238 created.

Later that year in 2010, Holly and her sons were invited to attend the FBINAA Annual Conference in Boston, During the conference Captain Chad Reed Sr. was posthumously awarded the Livio Beccaccio Award, the award was accepted by Holly and her two sons. Through all the interactions with Holly, I have been astonished to see how incredibility Holly handles the gatherings and not surprised to see how warmly embraced her family is by fellow session mates of Chad’s, almost all of which she has never previously met. We learned that; Holly’s boys were big baseball fans. So, the 2010 FBINAA National conference hosts made sure Holly, CJ and Caden were given VIP treatment at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox and the “Green Monster.” Further- more, the conference hosts arranged for the family to participate in many other local tours. In 2011, during the annual Chapter Officers meeting held at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA., a Wall of Honor Ceremony was planned for Captain Chad Reed Sr. to memorialize him with a plaque placed on the “Wall of Honor.” This was a somber cer- emony, attended by session mates and members of the FBINAA Executive Staff, who spent time with the Reed family, reflecting on what the FBINAA Family is really all about. When you realize that most of attendees have never met each other prior to at- tending the FBI National Academy, but walk away 10 weeks later, as family forever, that’s tremendous. Approximately 75 session mates arrived for the memorial that day. Traveling from all around the United States at their own expense, to pay tribute to Chad and his family. Session mates presented gifts and trips to the family to see baseball games in Texas, autographed items, gift cards and many other special tributes. There was not a dry eye in the room as Holly presented all present with shirts to memorialize her husband Captain Chad Reed. Everyone stopped to hug Holly and the boys and reassure them that, they will always be there for them. participate. The session will start with two weeks of quarantine where students will attend class virtually. Upon completion of the quarantine period and confident that the students are not at risk, we will continue the next eight weeks in typical classrooms. Students attending this session will agree to wearing masks while in groups, respect social distancing measures and limit unnecessary contact to the extent possible. They will also agree to forego returning home on weekends unless in the case of emergency. Graduation will be limited to students and staff only, but we anticipate the first every live streaming of the graduation for family and friends. We hope those who choose to attend this very important session will have a unique experience that they are all proud of and revel in their important role of continuing program for generations to come. Just so you know, they are not getting off easy. The physical fitness classes, weekly fitness challenges, and yellow brick road are still on the agenda. You can expect those graduating March 12th to return to their agencies refreshed, fit, and ready to lead.

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C had Reed is an FBI National Academy graduate of the 238th Session. Although I never met Chad in person, I have come to know him through his wife, Holly and their 2 sons, Chad Jr. (CJ) and Caden . Chad was a Captain with the Dixie County Sher- iff’s Office in Cross City, FL. It is a small agency approximately 3 hours north of Tampa and about 60 miles west of Gainesville, FL. Captain Reed, was selected to attend the 238th Session of the FBI National Academy, which commenced on July 13, 2009 and graduated on September 18, 2009. I have several friends from Florida that also attended Session 238. After the experience of a lifetime, it ended like every other session. The proud walk across the stage, shaking hands with the FBI Director, in front of family and friends. After many hugs, photos, and introductions, Graduation Day has ended. It was time for 238, to return to their respective agencies, with greater knowledge and a larger family of support. January 14, 2010, life changed not only for the Reed family, but for all the members of the 238th Session. Dixie County Sher- iff’s Captain Chad Reed, was one of several deputies in pursuit of John Kalisz , a Hernando County homicide suspect, when Kalisz pulled into a Dixie County gas station on U.S. 19 and Southeast 289th Street late in the afternoon. A minute later, dispatch records show deputies on the scene called for an ambulance for Capt. Reed, 33, who was shot once and briefly remained conscious at the scene before succumb- ing to his injuries later that day at Shand’s Trauma Center at the University of Florida in Gainesville. A few weeks later, I recall driving to meet with Holly Reed and her family, to deliver a check on behalf of the FBINAA Florida Chapter and Verizon Fallen Officers/FBINAA . My wife accompa- nied me on the 3-hour drive and the anticipation of meeting the family, as well as searching for the right words to comfort the family, made the drive seem like a day’s long journey. My first stop was meeting with Sheriff Dewey Hatcher , who would join me, during my visit to the family’s home. Once I arrived at the Reed home, I was comforted to find a fellow NA graduate at the house, Major Scott Harden . Major Harden had his FBINAA lapel pin, displayed on his suit jacket, making his connection with the FBINAA, easily recognizable. The officers - some in marked cars - followed the suspect into the gas station at a normal rate of speed, witnesses said.

About the Author: Doug Muldoon is a graduate of the 153rd Session of the FBINAA. In 1998 served as the FL Chapter President, 1999 appointed as the Secretary Treasurer of the FL Chapter and in 2005 elected to the FBINAA Executive Board and served as President in 2013. Retired after a 38 year career as the Police Chief of the City of Palm Bay, FL in 2015 and currently serves as a Director of Law Enforcement Relations for ecoATM.

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My wife and I spent time with the family and offered to assist the family during their time of mourning. With Chad, graduating only 4 months prior to making the ultimate sacrifice, I articulated what it means to be part of the FBINAA family. Ad- ditionally, I expressed to Holly and the family that, the FBINAA would be here to help, in any way possible. We stayed true to our word and stayed in contact with Holly and her sons. The Florida Chapter was holding their annual con- ference in Clearwater Beach that year, and invited Holly and her 2 sons to be their guests and further see what the FBINAA is all about. She was quickly taken in by many of the spouses making her feel welcomed and truly part of this huge FBINAA family. continued on page 27


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