Support the Mission of the FBINAA Each time you use the card, Justice Federal gives back to FBINAA to help further their mission.

EARN A $50 VISA STATEMENT CREDIT** 0% APR* SIX-MONTH INTRODUCTORY RATE on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances 11.90% NON-VARIABLE APR* after six months on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances

Together. Celebrating 85 Years. Justice Federal & The FBI National Academy

Receive a special 85 Year Challenge Coin when you open a new FBINAA VISA Rewards Credit Card. Limited Time Offer. ··•

No Annual Fee I No Balance Transfer Fee

ill l �Fede�l:{, Union• ......-.......,..___ 85 Years

APPLY TODAY JFCU.ORG/FBINAA2020 * 800.550.5328

*APR:;::Annual Percentage Rate. Information current as of November 1.2020andsubject to change Membershipwith Justtee Federalmus: be established 'Ilia a sha1e account prior to theapp1ovalof the FBINAA VISA credit card application. S:.,bject to credrt approval.Credit card subject to the following: Cash adv-ance fee,conveniencecheck fee: either 2.00%of the advance or $10 whicl'evet isgreater ($50 mdximumj. Foretgn transact i on fees: 1.00%of each foreign currenC}' transacttOnin U.S. dollars er 1.00%of ead1 U.S. Dollar tiarsaction that occurs inaforeign country. Credit cards ha,,e noannual fee, bclcmcc lrn fee. ••FBINAA VISA cred i t card must beused w i thin the fir!it sixmonths ol opening the account or :he$50 credit A'ill be revoked. Justice Fedt'fal reserv'es the rtght to withdraw this o'fer atany time. Toview theCredit CardAccount Agreement andFedera l Disc l osure Statement visit www.jfctJ.org.•••one coin per FBINAA VISA Rewards Credit C:ird accountopened Coinwill be mailed 30 daysfrom approva:, Federally lnsure

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