Support the Mission of the FBINAA Each time you use the card, Justice Federal gives back to FBINAA to help further their mission.

I haven't always been a CEO. My 5.11 story began as one of the company's original product engineers. Back then, our mission was to innovate, and years later, it still is. We are committed to building answers for the future, solving a problem before customers even know one exists. Our biggest successes have never been seen by the general public because we design products that address agency challenges that need unique solutions. For our Public Safety family, this innovative spirit means we are here to support you, always. With the largest team of sales professionals and product engineers in the industry, we'll help you find a custom uniform that fits your specific needs. 5.11 is innovating for the future, and we want you to be ready for it.

EARN A $50 VISA STATEMENT CREDIT** 0% APR* SIX-MONTH INTRODUCTORY RATE on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances 11.90% NON-VARIABLE APR* after six months on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances

Together. Celebrating 85 Years. Justice Federal & The FBI National Academy

For a no-cost uniform consultation and wear-testing, contact us directly at innovation@511Tactical.com.

Receive a special 85 Year Challenge Coin when you open a new FBINAA VISA Rewards Credit Card. Limited Time Offer. ··•

No Annual Fee I No Balance Transfer Fee

ill l �Fede�l:{, Union• ......-.......,..___ 85 Years

Francisco J. Morales CEO, 5.11 ® Inc.

APPLY TODAY JFCU.ORG/FBINAA2020 * 800.550.5328


*APR:;::Annual Percentage Rate. Information current as of November 1.2020andsubject to change Membershipwith Justtee Federalmus: be established 'Ilia a sha1e account prior to theapp1ovalof the FBINAA VISA credit card application. S:.,bject to credrt approval.Credit card subject to the following: Cash adv-ance fee,conveniencecheck fee: either 2.00%of the advance or $10 whicl'evet isgreater ($50 mdximumj. Foretgn transact i on fees: 1.00%of each foreign currenC}' transacttOnin U.S. dollars er 1.00%of ead1 U.S. Dollar tiarsaction that occurs inaforeign country. Credit cards ha,,e noannual fee, bclcmcc lrn fee. ••FBINAA VISA cred i t card must beused w i thin the fir!it sixmonths ol opening the account or :he$50 credit A'ill be revoked. Justice Fedt'fal reserv'es the rtght to withdraw this o'fer atany time. Toview theCredit CardAccount Agreement andFedera l Disc l osure Statement visit www.jfctJ.org.•••one coin per FBINAA VISA Rewards Credit C:ird accountopened Coinwill be mailed 30 daysfrom approva:, Federally lnsure

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