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Washington, D.C., 2018

St. Louis, 2016

Louisville WGN

43,229 total). · 4.3% (2,237 out of 51,518 total graduates) at the 20th anniversary of the Women Graduates Networking Event (WGNE) in Phoenix during 2019 For many years there were more international graduates, including women, than women graduates alone. The history of women having the honor to be selected to at- tend the National Academy goes back to Session 91 in 1972 when the first two women were selected – Victoria Renzullo from NYPD and Ann Schrader from St. Croix, Virgin Islands. The number of women attending the NA is slowly increasing. Washington State, especially Seattle P.D., was a pioneer for selecting women to at- tend, specifically: · Karen Eide, Seattle PD (#94),

Seattle, 1999

· Beryl Thompson, Seattle PD (#95), · Noreen Skagen, Seattle PD (#96), · Nina Vereb, Yakima PD (#97) and · Joann Cratty, King County S.O. (#98).

These women are believed to have been among the first ten woman to attend the NA. I am proud to say the Washington Chapter continues to enjoy an above average percentage of 10.5% women in our chapter and challenges other chapters to match this percentage!


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