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We’re all busy, right? And often, the cleanliness of our house is the first to-do that suffers. Here are five cleaning hacks that will help you stay on top of things, while still keeping up with the hectic pace of your life. Use chalk for greasy fingerprints. For greasy or oily fingerprints and stains on your wall, all you need is chalk, water and a cloth. Cover the stains with the chalk, wait a minute or two, then wipe off the chalk – and the stains – with a wet cloth. Save silica gel packs. You know those little packs that come with a variety of items and are filled with little tiny balls? Well, they’re intended to suck moisture out of new products such as bags and shoes, but you can use them for the same purpose around the house. For example, stick one in your jewelry box and it will keep your silver from tarnishing. DIY aluminum foil dryer balls. If you want a cheap alternative to dryer sheets, simply toss a couple of aluminum foil balls into your next load. All it takes is about two feet of aluminum foil, then ball it up until it’s the size of a tennis ball and pop it in the dryer with your wet clothes. Collect pet hair with a squeegee. If you have cats or dogs, then keeping up with a shedding pet is at the top of your cleaning list. But fear not, animal-lovers! Simply grab a squeegee, rub it in short strokes over any area covered with hair and pick up a ton of pet hair in no time at all. Put essential oils on the toilet paper roll. If you want your bathroom to smell clean without the use of chemicals, simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the inner roll of your toilet paper and voila! Your washroom will have a pleasant scent with barely any work from you.


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Use your detective skills to solve this Brain Box puzzle. Read the clues and fill in the answer box where you can. Then read the clues again and use your powers of deduction to find the solution. There are four friends (Adam, Elizabeth, Peter, Sally) and each has a balloon. From the clues below can you match each of them with their age and balloon? 1. The kids are aged 5, 6, 7 and 8 and one of them has a blue balloon. 2. The six-year-old girl has a green balloon.

3. Adam has a red balloon and is older than Peter. 4. Elizabeth is 5 years old but her balloon isn't yellow.


Elizabeth doesn't have a yellow balloon (4), so blue. By elimination, Peter's balloon is yellow.

(clue 2). Adam has a red balloon and is 8, so Peter is 7 (3 and above).

Elizabeth is 5 years old (clue 4), so Sally is 6 and has a green balloon

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