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Med Sled ® Thermal All-Weather Pouch (TAWP) Item #MS22TAWP Dimensions: 33"W x 80"H when closed SuggestedWeight Capacity: 320-350 lbs.

FIG. 1 Wrap patient in sheet if available (not required)

FIG. 2




The TAWP was designed for use during inclement weather situations. The pouch is waterproof and maintains lifesaving bodily warmth. The TAWP can also be used as a carry or transfer device. 1. Remove Thermal All-Weather Pouch from it’s package. 2. Place pouch on bed, cot or floor next to patient and open Velcro center allowing panel closest to you to open halfway. (See Figure 1.) 3. Log roll patient away from you and position the TAWP under the patient. (See Figure 2.) 4. Log roll patient toward you and pull right panel of TAWP from under patient. (See Figure 3.) 5. Close both left and right panels over patient and loading.) 7. With the patient in the TAWP, place the Med Sled ® next to them. 8. Log roll patient away from you and position the Med Sled ® underneath. (See Figure 5.) 9. Roll patient back onto Med Sled ® . Pull to center of bed or cot and adjust patient to center of sled. 10. Connect all cross straps and Foot Loop Strap. (See Figure 6.) 11. Remove patient in sled from bed or cot by swinging the food end of the sled out towards the door and lowering to the floor. (See Figure 7.) 12. Once the Med Sled ® is completely on the floor, use Pull Straps to drag sled down hall to Exit or stairwell for evacuation. Velcro closed. (See Figure 4.) 6. Load patient In Med Sled ® procedures (See Med Sled ® following normal Instructions for detailed

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MED SLED ® PRODUCTWARNINGS • Never leave patient unattended. • Not intended for persons under 100 lbs. or 48" without proper inserts or youth sled. • If sled is torn or damaged discontinue use. • Sled may slide on uneven surfaces.

MED SLED ® CAUTION • This apparatus requires 2 qualified persons to operate. • Risk of falling in the use of this product. • Danger of serious physical injury if said product is not used or maintained properly. • Safety straps produce danger of strangulation.


Manufactured in theU.S.A.

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