Med Sled Instruction Sheets




FIG. 2 With the Med Sled ® under them guide their feet toward the end of the Med Sled ® . You may have to assist their feet passing the cross straps.

FIG. 1

Position your patient in the back floating position with leg pointed toward the top of the Med Sled ® .While supporting their upper back position head of the Med Sled ® under their feet. The two cam buckle straps at the head of the sled should be loose, allowing head of sled to lie flat when loading patient.

FIG. 4 When the patients feet touch the foot pad, make

FIG. 5 Tighten all cross straps and Foot Loop Strap.

FIG. 3 As their shoulders enter the Med Sled ® guide their hands and arms inside the Med Sled ® and under the two top cross straps.

sure float logs are completely inflated.

FIG. 6 Drag the Med Sled ® by holding onto the Delta Ring or the perimeter strap.

FIG. 7 Swimmer can guide the Med Sled ® to the waiting assistance or drag onto beach.

FIG. 8 Support team on surface can pull Med Sled ® to safety.

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