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Med Sled ®

HDPE and Polypropylene Cleaning and Decontamination

Cleaning for Med Sleds ® and cross straps is easy as cleaning most surfaces and bedding materials in a Healthcare setting. Our products are non-absorbent and decon-capable. Below are the technical descriptions of the plastic sleds and cross straps (though the poly- propylene of the cross straps are not absorbent, the weave patterning may “trap” contaminants which may require additional cleaning.)



HOPED Resins fromThe Dow Company (Dow) deliver excellent rigidity, superior stress crack resistance, high impact and melt strength, and moderate swell. HOPED is Non-absorbent and is deco capable. Excellent with standard decontamination solutions used in healthcare settings including 30% hydrogen peroxide & Caltech manufacturing dispatch hospital cleaning disinfectant towels.

The Med Sled ® cross straps are made of polypropylene which is chemically resistant to most chemical agents similar properties to our HDPE sleds. The following chemicals: Acetonitrile, Acrylonitrile, Chlorine (10% in air), chlorine (10% moist), o-Dichlorobenzene, Ethyl Butyrate, Isopropyl Benzene and Sulfuric Acid (98%) are rated as Good to Fair below 120 degrees Fahrenheit and not recommended above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

HOPED Characteristics • Material Strength...Resists tearing, ripping and cracking • Low tendency to warp with age

• Maintains molecular consistencies in extreme temperatures (Heat and Cold... -105 To 260 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s high heat resistance makes it ideal in electrical wiring and pipe fittings • Decontamination Capable - Very low fluid absorption rates (Less than a 0.01% absorption rate). It is essentially completely waterproof and an ideal product for hospitals and hazard companies. • Are resistant to alcohol, acids, oil and most cleaning solutions • Non-Toxic • Non-Caustic Common Products Made of High and Low Density Polyethylene • Fire and Rescue - Back Board/Stretchers (Med Sleds ® ) - Boo Bags and Containers - IV Bags - Pharmaceutical Containers - Back and Limb Stabilizers • Hospitals - All Plastic tools - All plastic in Operating Rooms, Emergency Room, Patient Rooms, X-Ray/Imaging Machines - Furniture with plastic components...Bed Rail, Plastic Covers, Plastic Chair and Diagnostic Packaging - Patient transfer boards (Med Sleds ® ) - Back and limb stabilizers - IV bags - Plungers - Boo Hazardous Containers (trash cans to large drums) - All Pharmaceutical plastic containers for medication storage and discernment

Manufactured in theU.S.A.

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