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a.m. to 8.00 p.m., and a scrutiny was subsequently held. The result of the ballot was as follows:— The valid poll was 932. The following candidates received the number of votes placed after their names and were elected. John F. Buckley 629; Bruce St. John Blake 609; Joseph L. Dundon 606; Mrs. Moya Quinlan 571; William Anthony Osborne 555; Walter Beatty 554; Anthony E. Collins 544; Patrick C. Moore 536; John Carrigan 519; Michael V. O'Mahony 519; Maurice R. Curran 517; Adrian P. Bourke 517; Donal G. Binchy 514; Thomas D. Shaw 510; Patrick F. O'DonneU 497; Gerald Hickey 489; Peter D. M. Prentice 489; Michael P. Houlihan 478; Francis D. Daly 469; William D. McEvoy 469; Raymond T. Monahan 456; William Brendan Allen 451; David R. Pigot 450; John B. Jermyn 449; Miss S. Carmel Killeen 434; Thomas J. Fitzpatrick 426; Gerard M. Doyle 413; Richard J. Branigan 406; Laurence K. Shields 387; Laurence Cullen 378, and Ernest J. Margetson 372. The foregoing were returned as ordinary members of the Council for the year 1977/78. The following members also received the number of votes placed after their names:— Eamonn P. King 367; Andrew Donnelly 359; Francis P. Gleeson 354; James O'Keeffe 324; Eric Brunker 260; Philip E. McCourt 218; and Raymond V. Downey 181. The President declared the result in accordance with the ballot. Report of the Council Before discussing the Annual Report of the Council and of the Committees printed in the October Gazette, the President gave the address printed on page 173 of the November Gazette. The President then invited discussion of the whole Annual Report taken en bloc. Mr. T. Desmond McLoughlin protested that while the annual accounts of the Society had reached him in the normal course, the Gazette had not. Referring to the Accounts showing the state of the Society's finances up to April last, Mr. McLoughlin enquired as to the necessity to seek further contributions to the Compensation Fund which had risen to almost £500,000 while the demands on the Fund over the last four year period had averaged less than £20,000 a year. He suggested that the contributions be discontinued or, if not, that they be applied to some other purpose. He also questioned the expenditure of £4,750 for an Insurance Premium which appeared for the first time in the Compensation Fund Account. The President explained that, under the policy, should a claim arise exceeding £250,000 the Society would be indemnified to the amount of the excess, subject

The President, Mr. Bruce St. John Blake, took the Chair at 2.30 p.m. on Thursday, 24th November, 1977, in the Members' Room, in Blackhall Place, Dublin. The President suggested that the Notice convening the meeting be taken as read. This was agreed to unanimously. Mr. John Carrigan proposed, and Mrs. Moya Quinlan seconded that the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 25th November, 1976, as published in the December, 1976, Gazette, pages 205 to 207, be taken as read. This was agreed to unanimously, and the minutes were duly signed. Mr. Thomas Costelloe, retired County Registrar of Wicklow, stated that he had not received a ballot paper. The Director General stated that, as far as he was aware, a ballot paper had been issued to all paid up members, but he would check the matter. The President stated that this matter was regrettable. The President moved that the Council's Balance Sheet, which had been circulated, should be adopted. The adoption of the Balance Sheet was then duly proposed by Mr. John Nash, and seconded by Mr. Christopher Hogan and passed unanimously. Mr. Gerald Hickey proposed and Mr. P. C. Moore seconded the motion that Messrs. Coopers & Lybrand be appointed Auditors for the coming year. This was agreed to unanimously. Report of the Scrutineers A meeting of the Scrutineers appointed at the Ordinary General Meeting of the Society in Wexford in May, 1977, together with ex-qfficio scrutineers, was held on 17th November, 1977. Nominations for ordinary membership of the Council were received from 38 candidates, all of which were declared valid. The scrutineers accordingly directed that their names be placed on the ballot paper. The following candidates were duly nominated as Provincial Delegates in accordance with Bye-Law 29(a) of the Society, and were returned unopposed:— Ulster: Peter Murphy (Ballybofey) Leinster: Christopher Hogan (Kilkenny) Connaught: Patrick J. McEllin (Claremorris). In Munster, there was a contest between two candidates for the post of Provincial Delegate, and the following candidates received the number of votes placed after their names:— Patrick Glynn (Limerick) 101; James O'Keeffe (Skibbereen) 73. Mr. Glynn, was accordingly declared elected. A meeting of the scrutineers was held on Thursday, 17th November, 1977. The poll was conducted from 10.00

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