Member Connections, Fall 2023

I want to thank you for your continued support and engagement during the Initiation Fee referendum process. Approval of this referendum is important for our long-term financial health. After the deadline to vote, we will notify you of the results and keep you informed about club financials in both operations and capital. Long Cove Club exists to provide members an exceptional quality of life and leisure in a private, secure and naturally beautiful island residential environment. Many of us purchased in Long Cove Club because of the nationally acclaimed golf course, the beautiful homes and landscaping or the wide range of amenities offered. But did you know that Security is tied for the #2 reason why buyers choose the Long Cove Club community according to the New Member survey? A portion of our vision states "Long Cove Club will continue to progress as one of the outstanding private, secure residential communities..." While security has always and will continue to be a top priority for the Board of Directors and Management Team, you have probably noticed a renewed focus on our safety initiatives, practices and enforcement. First, we have launched a " Share the Road" campaign. It is everyone's responsibility to keep our roadways safe and it's important that you always follow the important guidelines listed on page 5. In addition, the newly installed speed cameras are soon to be fully functional. This will provide our community with the ability to better monitor speeding and ticketing to offenders. Much more information regarding the trial period and ticketing will be communicated with you soon. Secondly, the Community Services & Security Committee along with the Board of Directors continue their review regarding alligator safety. Robust education is upcoming and a review of the rules, as they pertain to safety, is underway. Board of Di rectors News A r enewed f o c us on sa f e t y

Our Security Team, led by Willie Rice, Justin Griffin, and Johnny Young is pictured below. They have been given the challenging task of providing first class security service to our members while also enforcing our rules which we hope will drive improved safety throughout the community. We have specifically asked them to be more attentive to speeding in the community, which includes issuing tickets to speeders whether they be members, visitors, or contractors. This is all a part of our "Share the Road" campaign which will be the focus of a robust communication/member awareness campaign and will work in conjunction with our new speed camera system. As the Security Team works diligently to provide for the safety of our members, they are most deserving of your respect. I hope you will join me in thanking them for their efforts. As always, if you have any questions about Security or any other general questions about our Community, please contact myself, Mario Campuzano, GM/COO, or any member of the Board of Directors. We are all in this together. Ray DiMuzio, President enhancing our selection and retention practices. Selecting great Team Members during the hiring process reduces turnover resulting in more consistency with our services to the membership and better enforcement of our rules and regulations. Part of our mission is to "employ capable, reliable and dedicated professional managers and staff who understand, embrace and achieve the objectives of the Club" and our Leadership Team remains committed to

Willie Rice

Justin Griffin Johnny Young

Rachelle Claudio Charles Deleon Evan Dumas

Not Pictured: Michael McClendon

Christopher Ramirez

Michael Harris Chemaine Jenkins Jermaine Lambert


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