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You know, Richard Ayaode has a travel show [ Travel Man ] and I’m going to do it next week. We’re going to Vienna. I don’t know why we’re going there, it’s not my choice but I’m excited. Why not? I said ‘I can’t go too far away...’ So we’re going to do two days in Vienna. I love Richard. I see him a good bit. The IT Crowd was such a well- loved show.Were they happy days for you? It was. It was a live show and it was stressful at times so there was plenty of drama, but overall it was brilliant, and Graham [Linehan] is the best comedy writer and Katherine [Parkinson], I’d been to college with. So we all had good relationships. • The Program is out on March 24

Where do you live now? We’re in London at the moment. I had an odd couple of months where I went to New York for two months to do a job which was cancelled two days before we were due to start filming, and then went to London where the job got cancelled because they lost their money. So I had geared myself up for these two roles and now they’re gone. It’s very frustrating. You turn down other jobs so you are ready. But on the positive side, I’ve been able to spend some time with our baby, which has been great. I’m kind of glad that I’ve got so much time with him, so that’s been great. And I go back to Los Angeles in October for a part in a film directed by Christopher Guest called Mascots , which will be fun. It’s about the sports mascots world where I play a character called Tommy Fist, which is going to be fun.

So do you live in both countries? We kind of flit between London and LA, we’re back and forth between the two. My wife has a business so we kind of come over to London and do that for a bit and so yes, we’ve been travelling around a bit. But our son has been very portable so far – now he is starting to crawl it’s going to be trickier, so we will probably just get a new baby [laughs]. I feel like we’ve got two or three years when we can travel around a bit more and then we’ll have to say, “OK, now we’ll live here”. It’s kind of been working out so far. And I imagine as time goes on I’ll write a lot more. I’m writing a feature for next year. I can’t really talk about it at this point, it’s an animation thing, but it should be good.

Do you still keep in touch with the cast from The IT Crowd ?

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