I Want to Write by Mary Jones

2016 “I have to write.”

It’s a cold day in January, Either the 12th or the 21st, Although I’m not sure which. Either way tomorrow is the due date. I’ll stay up till 3 A.M. writing Something that doesn’t matter. “I have to write” I say it but it’s not a truth. I don’t need it like breath. I don’t rely on a heartbeat of words. Never “I want to write.” Never “I need to write.” Only a phrase that means Necessity and work. “I have to write,” Never with affection, Never with a passionate heart. Always “I have to write,” But when will “I Want to Write”? 2022 I write out of obligation, To my grades or to myself. “I have to write”

“I want to write” But not every day. I’m not a well oiled machine, I’m not the constant tick-tock of a clock. I’m a one-in-a-million spring day, When the breeze is just right to make the hammock sway.

“I want to write” But only my way.

I don’t like to rhyme, it takes too much time Except sometimes I do, it’s to disappoint you. And meter? What’s that?


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