Besnard Owner/Operator Brochure

Manager’s Safety University We know Owner/Operators want to protect their customers, people, and profits – and this means making safety training a priority. We created Manager’s Safety University – a free safety training program – to teach managers and supervisors the latest safety techniques. The curriculum is custom-developed for McDonald’s Owner/Operators and is specific to the issues they face. In the four-part online training, managers and supervisors are trained in:

Worker Safety Part 1 (Prevention) • Manager and Supervisor roles in safety • Best practices to hiring the best employees • Employee safety training

Worker Safety Part 2 (Claims Management) • Manager’s role in managing claims • Additional resources to assist in promoting a safe working environment Customer Safety Training • The importance of maintaining a safe store from the start • How to run a safer shift • What to do after an incident occurs

Property Protection • Fire Prevention & Handling • Equipment Maintenance • ANSUL System Servicing/Usage Safer Driving • The dangers of distracted driving • Eliminating driving distractions • Safe driving and stopping distances

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