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Besnard insured its first Owner/Operator in 1979 and that client is still with us today! Since then, we’ve served thousands of clients along the way. Our dedicated people, relentless determination, restaurant industry experience, and deep history with Owner/ Operators along with the brand has made us the largest approved broker for McDonald’s Owner/Operators in the United States. Since founded, our focus has always been on clients’ long-term business goals. Our clients don’t see us as just “insurance agents,” but rather trusted partners who are invested in their future success. Insuring McDonald’s Owner/Operators is in our blood, and over the years we’ve discovered so many other ways to deliver peace of mind to our clients.

In the pages that follow, we outline some of what makes Besnard unique and the best possible long-termpartner for Owner/Operators.

All my best,

Adam Besnard, CEO/President, Besnard Insurance




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As a multi-unit Owner/Operator, managing my insurance line is extremely important to my profitability. My decision logic in selecting Besnard as my insurance partner has been their understanding of my business needs. They have been nothing but fair and competitive with a personal touch that is second to none. I value our relationships for all my insurance needs.

– Owner/Operator with 6 locations


In nearly 20 years as a client, Besnard Insurance has always shown itself to be innovative and customer-focused, always trying to find or create the best package of services for us and our ever-changing insurance needs. They have always kept their pencil extremely sharp on quotes and provide the most outstanding personalized customer service at what is almost always the best cost!

– Owner/Operator with 40 Locations


Our Family Founded in 1979, Besnard’s second generation leadership understands small and large businesses alike. We have been proud to partner with Owner/Operator families from generation to generation. • We have continued our family tradition since 1979 of delivering insurance value to McDonald’s Owner/Operators • We have countless long-term clients that are now 2nd and even 3rd generation with Besnard


Our Journey


Agency Founded & First McDonald’s Client


Merged with Arthur J Gallagher


Reestablished Besnard & Associates


Established Wind Deductible Buy-Down Program U.S.


National McDonald’s Workers’ Compensation Program Launched


Profiting from Safety Launched


McDonald’s Corp. Approved in Florida & Created a DVD-Based Safety Training


Restaurant Safety University Launched, Nationally Approved by McDonald’s & In-House Risk Management Division Established


Manager’s Safety University Launched


Launched Seasonal Initiatives

Launched Besnard Mobile App 2017-18

2020 + beyond



Our Team We employ the highest caliber people who embody outstanding work ethic, impeccable character, strong interpersonal skills, andentrepreneurial qualities. The Owner/Operator dedicated Besnard Account Team consists of over 200 knowledgeable internal and external team members with the authority to quickly solve problems and make decisions. We don’t have all that red tape and layers of management found in large corporations. This frees our team members to provide the best insurance solutions, products, and overall business value. Our Approach At Besnard, we pride ourselves on knowing what great service means for each client. Because each client is unique, the only way to do that is to actually understand a client’s business. As much as we emphasize innovation in our work, we remain unapologetically old-school in our belief that business is all about relationships. Besnard clients work with a dedicated team. Our clients know their Besnard contacts by name and even have their mobile numbers, from their Client Manager to the CEO/President. This type of accessibility and partnership drives deep relationships – the way business was meant to be done. Besnard clients are value-focused. This long-term focus is why they have built successful businesses. Besnard Insurance understands our clients’ businesses. Our staff members work shifts in client restaurants every year. Working side-by-side with managers and crew members, our team gains true understanding for client challenges and can better direct specific services to the changing environment.



Our Core Values Our approach is based on generations of knowledge, passion, and success. Our character is shaped by deeply-held core values – embraced by all – that have guided the Besnard family in our mission to be the best possible partner with McDonald’s Owner/Operators for more than 40 years:

THE GOLDEN RULE We treat Owner/ Operators and their teams the way we want to be treated. INDEPENDENCE We cherish and protect the company we own, the culture it fosters, and the autonomy it provides to accomplish our mission.

EXCELLENCE We enjoy what we do and work together collaboratively to deliver superior results for our clients, partners, and employees. We firmly believe that our successes today will drive the accomplishments of tomorrow.

FUN We wholeheartedly

ACCESSIBILITY Our entire team is approachable and

celebrate our successes together… and have fun doing it!

available. We welcome, expect, and encourage feedback from clients, partners, and employees.


Our Client Values We have found that every Owner/Operator holds a unique set of business and relationship values. We work with clients to identify the best way to partner with them and meet their needs and goals. What matters to them, matters to us. Oftentimes, those values include:

GROWTH Our industry focus and niche- based approach delivers solutions that are not only competitive in the short term, but better in the long-term. This often means improving the business’ bottom line and its overall value. SERVICE When clients call, we answer. No automated call routing machines – ever. We do not outsource functions and never send calls or functions overseas. All our clients have our mobile phone numbers and can reach us anytime. TRUST We work for our clients. We take great pride in exceeding expectations and working hard for them every day. Trust is key to long-term partnerships, and that is what we are in business to build.

GUIDANCE Our concept-focused model gives us crucial insight into client businesses, so we can advise on proper protection and coverage tailored to their specific operation. Partnering with us brings better results for our clients, both short-term and long- term. RESPONSIVENESS We have an obsessive focus on delivering for our clients – within their timeframe, not ours. We respond quickly and act with a sense of urgency.

LONG-TERM FOCUS We are dedicated to providing our clients with loyal and lasting relationships built on competitive programs,

consistency, superior service, and outstanding insurance products and coverages.



Every year, a portion of our revenue goes to making the world a better place. This is at the core of who we are – a legacy made possible by our clients, employees, and partners.

Volunteer Grant Program When our employees donate their time to an eligible nonprofit, Besnard makes a monetary donation to the organization.

Matching Gift Program Our employees can make eligible donations to charities and Besnard matches their contributions.

Leadership From The Top The CEO/President donates 50% of his salary to charity.

We are always looking for new ways to make our vision a reality. To recommend a charity or to learn more about how we give back to our community, visit our website at

Charities we support include:


Besnard Insurance is a one stop shop for all your insurance needs. I have had the privilege of using this organization since starting my business here in Florida in 2014. They are not only the most competitive for my business needs but their Staff from the owner to clerical have provided hands-down service. Their knowledge and easy access has proven to be invaluable and have been instrumental in not only helping me understand what’s appropriate for my business but also ensuring that we take full advantage of benefits offered/included in our packages. I recommend Besnard Insurance for your Insurance needs and thank them for their partnership.

– Owner/Operator



Insurance Solutions Properly insuring a risk as large as over 14,000 restaurants involves strong, long-term preferred relationships and reputations with insurance companies and markets. Besnard works closely with a network of insurers from around the globe to provide our clients the best possible coverage to meet their needs. Our insurance products include:

• Workers’ Compensation • Property • Wind Deductible Buy Down • General Liability • Crime • Cyber / Network Security • Employment Practices Liability Claim Management

• Commercial Umbrella • Personal Excess • Commercial Auto • Benefits and Life • Bank / Wire Fraud

• Terrorism/TRIA • Malicious Attack

Besnard is committed to managing claims from beginning to end by working closely with our clients, claims adjusting teams, and the insurance companies. From the moment a claim is reported, we work diligently to ensure all parties (Owner/Operators and their teams, claims adjuster, injured party, vendors, McDonald’s corporate, and more) work together and strive to close claims with the best possible outcome. We identify key loss drivers to ensure our risk management solutions are focused on the areas affecting Owner/Operators most frequently and provide our clients detailed claims analysis. We also provide on-the-spot loss runs and claim reviews when needed. In the event of a large claim, our Risk Management team leads the efforts to get the client back up and running quickly. We work directly with claims adjusters and third parties to keep the claim on track and keep clients up-to-date on its status.



Profiting From Safety Profiting From Safety is our methodology for the unity of all Owner/ Operators around safety, risk management, and insurance. The powerful safety content is 100% free, but the biggest benefit is the valuable knowledge that comes as Owner/Operators from around the country share their most successful strategies with each other. That is the heart and soul of Profiting From Safety.

Visit or download the app on iPhone or Android for full access to resources. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!

Loss Prevention Our goal is to deliver the highest level of loss prevention to Owner/ Operators and their teams. This leads to improved customer experience and ultimately higher value and profit for the business. It all starts with our experienced, service-driven team. We earn our clients’ trust every day with our delivery of safety advisory services, claims advocacy, ancillary insurance solutions, resources, and the coordination of overall service. We build true partnerships through our proactive, personalized plans resulting in long-term value for Owner/Operators’ businesses.


Manager’s Safety University We know Owner/Operators want to protect their customers, people, and profits – and this means making safety training a priority. We created Manager’s Safety University – a free safety training program – to teach managers and supervisors the latest safety techniques. The curriculum is custom-developed for McDonald’s Owner/Operators and is specific to the issues they face. In the four-part online training, managers and supervisors are trained in:

Worker Safety Part 1 (Prevention) • Manager and Supervisor roles in safety • Best practices to hiring the best employees • Employee safety training

Worker Safety Part 2 (Claims Management) • Manager’s role in managing claims • Additional resources to assist in promoting a safe working environment Customer Safety Training • The importance of maintaining a safe store from the start • How to run a safer shift • What to do after an incident occurs

Property Protection • Fire Prevention & Handling • Equipment Maintenance • ANSUL System Servicing/Usage Safer Driving • The dangers of distracted driving • Eliminating driving distractions • Safe driving and stopping distances

Visit to learn more.


Additional Safety Services We strive every day to help Owner/Operators manage insurance costs by providing proven ways to achieve a return on their investment in safety and loss prevention. Keeping our clients’ businesses on the cutting edge of safety is the key to our risk management playbook. We put them in position to get the best insurance rates by reducing the likelihood that they will need to make a claim. Business Risk Analysis Our seasoned team completes a top-to-bottom analysis of the risk areas in the business, so Owner/Operators don’t have to worry about being caught off-guard. Analytics-Driven Insights We analyze claims from the thousands of restaurants we insure and present Owner/Operators with simple insights that help them optimize their safety program. Strategic Quarterly Newsletters Every quarter, we deliver the latest safety news and practices via email, so our Owner/Operators and their teams are always ahead of the curve. Restaurant Safety Calendars Annually, we send our clients safety calendars which provide team members a daily reminder of vital safety information. A few of our key safety services are:



Besnard doesn’t believe in “good enough”. We always want to go above and beyond for our clients, and this section highlights some of the value boosts we provide that our clients love.

Annual Meetings Besnard is here when our clients need us. We are available on-demand whenever our attention is needed, but we have found that a regular cadence of pre-scheduled meetings is invaluable to our clients. This is a way for us to understand their needs and for them to make sure they are on the right track for the lowest possible premium.

We schedule at least four recurring touchpoints with our clients every year:

• Workers’ compensation kick-off and mid-year • Package kick-off and mid-year • Other contact points (as needed)

These regular meetings not only align everyone on insurance and safety, but they also allow the review of personal claim/safety trends and the high-level issues within the industry.


Owner/Operator-Specific Safety Content McDonald’s Owner/Operators face a unique set of challenges and circumstances. Because we have worked with thousands of them over the years, we have compiled that knowledge into various platforms to share with our clients, including: • Interactive Technology • Apple iPads & Android Tablets & PC/Mac Operating Systems • Safety Product Guides & E-Newsletters • Safety Video Services • Safety Posters

Profiting From Safety Mobile App If our clients like the idea of our free Profiting From Safety tool and online community (and they do), they also love that it is accessible from an easy-to-use mobile app. To download, simply search for “Besnard” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


The Besnard Solution Platform

For more information on any of the tools mentioned in this book, please refer to the resources that make up the Besnard Solution Platform.

Servicing the Nation




Safety FREE ONLINE Safety Training for Managers FREE Safety Resources and More


Claims Report – All Insurance Companies OWNER/OPERATOR CLAIMS Instructions To Report All Claim Types


Besnard Insurance exemplifies the true meaning of customer service. Any issue or question is handled with courtesy, efficiency and prompt follow up. Their online tools and training materials/classes are added bonuses. This partnership has far exceeded our expectations.

– Owner/Operator

BESNARD MENU OF SERVICES Here is a high-level view of the value we provide our clients. It all adds up to true long-tern partnerships and value.


Product Menu

Profit from Safety Menu • Product Information or Quotes • Workers’ Compensation Insurance • Package Insurance • Cyber Liability Insurance (Network Security) • Named Storm Wind Deductible Buy Down • Claims Reporting / Kits • Industry News & Trends Loss Analysis • Loss Runs (Monthly, Quarterly) • PFS - e-Newsletters • Policy Review • Return-to-Work Program • Safety Calendars

• Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) • Personal Excess Liability Insurance • Bank/Wire/ACH Fraud • Loss Control / Safety Services • Overall Insurance Review

• Safety Newsletters • Safety Posters • Safety Videos • Workers’ Compensation Experience Mod Evaluation • Worker Safety Books • Hurricane Preparedness

Managers Safety University Menu

• Customer Safety • Safer Driving • ANSUL / Property Video

• Worker Safety Part 1 – Prevention • Worker Safety Part 2 – Claims • Dynamic Content Updated Regularly

Specialized Services Menu

• Accident Investigation • ADA Guide to Service Animals • Burn Prevention • Camera Placement • Driver Safety • Emergency Preparedness • Facility Inspection / Sample Checklist • Fire Prevention • Foodborne Illness Prevention

• Playplace Safety • Post-Accident Drug Testing • Preventing Lacerations • Preventing Lifting / Strain Injuries • Proper Floor Care Procedures • Proper Use of Video Cameras • Return to Work • Robbery Prevention • Safety Committees • Sample / Idea Safety Policies • Security Procedures • Slip & Fall Prevention • Slip Resistant Shoe Policy • Dynamic Content Updated Regularly

• Ladder Safety • Mat Placement • Material Handling • OSHA Inspection Preparation • Parking Lot Safety


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