Besnard Owner/Operator Brochure

Additional Safety Services We strive every day to help Owner/Operators manage insurance costs by providing proven ways to achieve a return on their investment in safety and loss prevention. Keeping our clients’ businesses on the cutting edge of safety is the key to our risk management playbook. We put them in position to get the best insurance rates by reducing the likelihood that they will need to make a claim. Business Risk Analysis Our seasoned team completes a top-to-bottom analysis of the risk areas in the business, so Owner/Operators don’t have to worry about being caught off-guard. Analytics-Driven Insights We analyze claims from the thousands of restaurants we insure and present Owner/Operators with simple insights that help them optimize their safety program. Strategic Quarterly Newsletters Every quarter, we deliver the latest safety news and practices via email, so our Owner/Operators and their teams are always ahead of the curve. Restaurant Safety Calendars Annually, we send our clients safety calendars which provide team members a daily reminder of vital safety information. A few of our key safety services are:


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