Besnard Owner/Operator Brochure


Besnard insured its first Owner/Operator in 1979 and that client is still with us today! Since then, we’ve served thousands of clients along the way. Our dedicated people, relentless determination, restaurant industry experience, and deep history with Owner/ Operators along with the brand has made us the largest approved broker for McDonald’s Owner/Operators in the United States. Since founded, our focus has always been on clients’ long-term business goals. Our clients don’t see us as just “insurance agents,” but rather trusted partners who are invested in their future success. Insuring McDonald’s Owner/Operators is in our blood, and over the years we’ve discovered so many other ways to deliver peace of mind to our clients.

In the pages that follow, we outline some of what makes Besnard unique and the best possible long-termpartner for Owner/Operators.

All my best,

Adam Besnard, CEO/President, Besnard Insurance

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