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Framing Proposal and Contract

To: Dell Homes LLC

Date: 09/28/17

Attention: Sylvia Della Cioppa

Phone: 531.1703


Project: Moreno Custom

Job Location: 15675 E Marsh Station Road


We hereby propose to furnish materials, labor, and the required insurances and safety procedures necessary for the completion of Rough Carpentry for the amount(s) and conditions as follows:

67,880.00 $

Sixty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Dollars

Conditions of Payment: Monthly progress payments, with balance due upon completion. The quoted contract price will be honored through the month of November 2017 , provided our portion of the work will begin within this time frame. This contract price is subject to revision based on market fluctuations and/or should plans undergo changes, additions or deletions. Sales Taxes: Sales taxes are not included in this bid unless otherwise noted. Any sales taxes due will be an additional charge to the contract total amount. Sales taxes which are due will be included at time of billing. All material is guaranteed to be as specified. Contract Exclusions: Demolition and temporary barriers and shoring are excluded from this bid. Provision or installation of concrete and masonry embedments. Provision or installation of skylights or windows. Provision or installation of fireplace units or flues. Provision or installation of non-structural draft stops, air barriers, Energy Star, or other energy code requirements. Provision or installation of metal studs, joist, post, or beams. Provision or installation of gates or fencing. Provision or installation of mechanical curbs or mechanical area screens. Working over colored or exposed concrete is not included in this proposal. Options or alternates are not included in base bid. Additional Description, Contract Inclusions: Framing lumber, trusses and engineering, hardware, and the necessary labor and equipment. 1/2" OSB roof sheathing and 3/8" OSB wall sheathing continuous at exterior walls. OSB eave and patio soffits. 5/8" T1-11 sheathing at patio ceilings, no trim or batts are included. Six 6x12 rough beams in greatroom. There will be an additional charge for working over colored or exposed concrete. This bid reflects work specified by unapproved construction documents.

Respectfully submitted;

Signature _______________________________ Rod Easley, Estimator

Acceptance of Proposal: The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. This is your authorization for us to work as specified. Please sign and return your authorization.

Date _________________________

Signature ___________________________


DELL Moreno Custom 17-185 9/28/2017

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