Cisco WebEx Training QRG - Coordinator

Manage Recordings 1. From WebEx, click My WebEx > My Files > My Recordings > Training Sessions . 2. Do the following:


a. Click Playback

to listen to the

recording. b. Click Email

to send the recording.

c. Click More to see the options Download, Modify, Disable, Reassign, and Delete. 3. Click the recording name to view the Recording Information screen. Select the following to perform the corresponding action: a. Play Now – Play recording. b. Send Email – Send the recording. c. Select or copy the streaming link to play the recording. d. Select or copy the download link to download. e. Modify – Edit recording. f. Delete – Remove recording. g. Disable – Recording is temporarily unavailable. h. Re-assign – Re-assign to another host. i. Back to List – Return to recording list. 4. Click Add Recording to add the selected recording to another recording. Manage Hands-on Labs Hands-on lab provides the instructor the ability to create exercises and lessons for training participants on rem ote computers where the software is installed. For details about setting up a lab, follow the detailed directions in the WebEx Training User Guide. Participate in a Hands-on Lab 1. In the training session window, click Lab > Start Hands-on Lab . 2. Under Computer Allocation , select only one of the following options. a. Allow attendees to choose computers. b. Assign attendees to computers manually. 3. Click Start . The Start Hands-on Lab confirmation dialog box appears with a list of remote computers. 4. In the Start Hands-on Lab confirmation dialog box click Done . Hands-on Lab Administration For complete information about administering a lab, see the user guide.


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