Cisco WebEx Training QRG - Coordinator


Cisco WebEx provides an easy and cost-effective solution for delivering interactive live training to people anywhere. Using WebEx, you can schedule training, record training to share later, communicate with training participants as a group or individually, share content, and more.

• Listed for authorized users only – Appears on the sessions list and training session calendar. Also appears to users with accounts and have signed in to your training site. • Unlisted – Doesn’t appear on the list of sessions or the training calendar. Attendees must have a unique session number If the options do not appear when you set up your training session, contact you administrator for help. Tracking Codes Before using tracking codes, the site administrator must specifically turn on the tracking code option. Do the following to add tracking code to your session: 1. Scroll to the Tracking Codes section. 2. Do one of the following: a. From the drop-down list, select a tracking code. b. Type a code in the appropriate field. 3. Repeat as necessary. 4. Click Schedule or Update . Audio Conference Settings In the Audio Conference Settings section, do the following: 1. From the Select conference type drop-down list, select the appropriate setting. a. VOIP Only – Participants use audio on their computers and the Internet to talk. b. Call In – Participants call into a dedicated phone number. c. Call Back – Participants type in their phone number and they received a phone call that connects to the session. 2. Click the checkbox for all options that apply: 3. From the Entry and exit tone drop-down list, select whether to play a tone or not play a tone.

Log in to Training 1. Log in to WebEx Training, 2. Type your user name and password. Schedule Training On the left side of the screen select Host a Session > Schedule Training .

Session Requirements At a minimum, complete session information, like registration requirements, date, audio settings, and attendees. In addition, set up breakout sessions, computer labs, and course material in advance. Session and Access Information In the Session and Access Information section, do the following: 1. In the Topic field, type a descriptive training topic. 2. In the Set session password field, type a password that meets the criteria or keep the automatically generated password. NOTE : Click Password Criteria for more information. 3. Click the checkbox for all options that apply. About Listed and Unlisted Sessions When creating a new session and specifying access information, you can open training to all, limit access, or keep the training completely unlisted. Options are: • Listed for all – Appears on the sessions list and the training session calendar for anyone who visits your Training Center website.


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