Magazine Jul-Aug 2018


WIND UP. RELEASE. SOAR. The pitcher’s mound beckons. See it. Know exactly what’s coming. Hand on the ball, feeling the laces. Eyes on the catcher’s glove. Over deafening. The arm does all the talking. For junior Shungo Najima, a perfect pitch isn’t only about a strong arm and an accurate throw. It’s about being relentless, playing with honor, and making no excuses on or off the field. Like generations of SAS Eagles before him, Najima’s defining characteristics include unbeatable discipline, jumping at opportunities even when there is no guarantee for success, and putting in countless hours for every worthwhile endeavor. The best players are the best learners, and the best learners are those who love what they do. It isn’t just the key to playing ball. It’s the key to playing the game of life. the top at the speed of lightning. The silence is


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