Adhesive Dispensing Catalogue 2011


Quality Components High performance consumables

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd is a leading supplier of performance fluid dispensing products, components and accessories. Our dispensing systems range from manual hand applicators to XYZ robots. Our quality components are industry standard compatible for use with existing dispensing machines. Our components are industrial grade safe. Syringe barrels, pistons, tips, cartridges, nozzles and dual components are safe to use under air pressures to 100 psi. Components are certified silicone-free guaranteeing that silicone release agents will not contaminate fluids dispensed from them. Syringe barrels are available in 4 sizes. In 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc. And in 3 colours – clear, amber and black.

A choice of 3 piston styles is available. A standard white wiper type, an easy flow blue with less restriction and a flat walled red for stringy viscous pastes. Syringe barrels are available with a range of caps to seal both ends for material storage or shipping. Our barrels are zero draft to ensure the pistons move down inside without restriction. Tips range from precision metal types, smooth flow tapered tips, brush tips, Teflon tips and bend type. All tips are luer lock for secure attachment to syringes and fittings at high pressures. Our cartridges range from 2.5oz to 32oz size for use in manual and pneumatic guns. Nozzles attach to cartridges with a ¼” NPT thread. We also supply dual component cartridges, mixer nozzles and luer lock dispense bottles.


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